Who We Are

Capstone Academy is a community of teachers and administrators investing into our students who become their own capstone project, representing a culmination of their academic and intellectual experience. We believe that students who are balanced, who understand their own power of belonging in school, friendships, family and the world, can then explore their education with a sense of wonder and pursue their own passions with an ultimate potential for their success.

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide an environment and program that
 supports our students in their academic endeavors as they pursue

their passion in the arts, athletics, and advanced studies.

Our Approach


Our Team

Students who have a strong connection to their teachers will engage more deeply with their learning. The Capstone Academy staff truly cares about each of our students and brings enthusiasm for knowledge and diversity of content delivery into each lesson.

Where Students Thrive In Life and Education


Would you like to explore more about our unique, proven program and see how your family can join our community? Parents and children can gather information, gain insight, and observe our amazing students during a campus tour.

Our child has the opportunity to learn and grow in this innovative learning environment with caring, compassionate faculty, while competing as a year-round swimmer without feeling pressured or stressed out—a priceless balance.

Capstone Parent

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