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Capstone Academy


We employ talented, highly trained teachers with a gift for working with young people.

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capstone academy


Our rigorous curriculum, accredited by Cognia, challenges students to engage with and master the material.

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Capstone Academy


Our compressed schedule empowers students to pursue extracurricular passions without sacrificing academic quality.

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Capstone Academy


With small class sizes and focus on real learning, we expect students to create original works and share their truth.

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Capstone Academy


With parents and teachers working together, students learn to be independent and accountable for their decisions.

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Capstone Academy is the premier private school for aspiring young performers and athletes.

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Pursue excellence

Who We Are

Designed for motivated students with big dreams, Capstone’s condensed academic schedule frees up afternoons for dance rehearsals, vocal coaching, or sports practices. Small classes allow for truly personalized instruction from teachers experienced with busy performers and athletes. The challenging curriculum keeps students engaged while preparing them for college.

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Committed to Excellence

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide an environment and program that supports our elite students in their academic endeavors as they pursue their passion in the arts, athletics, and advanced studies.

Benefits of Capstone

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Our child has the opportunity to learn and grow in this innovative learning environment with caring, compassionate faculty, while competing as a year-round swimmer without feeling pressured or stressed out—a priceless balance.

Capstone Parent

Latest News

  • A young woman poses with a well-groomed kerry blue terrier next to a topiary dog decorated with a colorful bow, holding a pink award ribbon. both are outdoors by a white building.

    Meet Junior Handler Bebe Mathews

    Bebe Mathews only began showing dogs in 2021, but she’s already solidified her place as a serious competitor. For the past two years, she’s ranked No. 1 Kerry Blue Terrier Junior Handler, and is also the current No. 2 Russell Terrier Junior Handler.

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