Capstone Academy

Capstone Academy is the premier private school for aspiring young performers and athletes. Located in the heart of Atlanta, GA, Capstone is a unique hybrid private school dedicated to collaborative, flexible, and quality education. We encourage all of our students to become lifelong learners by instilling academic curiosity, respect for others, and accountability to core values.

Designed for motivated students with big dreams, Capstone’s condensed academic schedule frees up afternoons for dance rehearsals, vocal coaching, or sports practices. Small classes allow for truly personalized instruction from teachers experienced with busy performers and athletes. The challenging curriculum keeps students engaged while preparing them for college.

To truly understand the drive behind Capstone Academy, you need to come and meet us. We invite you to review the materials provided on this website and then sign up for an informational session. See our Admissions page for more information. We hope to see you soon.

The Capstone Vision


Provide opportunities to pursue individual gifts and talents as students develop into confident, independent thinkers, facing the future with personal success.


Experience balance between being children and excelling in both academics and their chosen passions. Families replace hectic schedules with quality time together.


Be a community of students who come together with like-minded goals to serve others while establishing lifelong friendships through mutual respect and kindness.


All graduates of this school will be equipped with the integrity and confidence to be true to their own selves, and the passion and knowledge to impact their world in a positive way.