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Capstone Academy

Academic Overview

Our goal is to provide an environment and program that supports our elite students in their academic endeavors as they pursue their passion in the arts, athletics, and advanced studies.

A vibrant classroom with children and a teacher around a table filled with craft supplies, books, and educational posters, including one of albert einstein.

Middle School

Our middle school experience is tailored to be student-driven, placing a strong emphasis on personalized learning paths and student autonomy.

This approach allows students to take ownership of their education and develop essential skills for lifelong success. The dedicated faculty at Capstone Academy are instrumental in fostering a supportive and enriching learning environment. With their expertise and commitment, they guide students towards achieving their academic goals and personal growth.

Middle School Program

Two students conducting a science experiment in a lab, examining materials with goggles for safety. there's a hint question about a silver block's identity related to common kitchen items.

High School

Capstone Academy offers a rigorous academic program for 9th to 12th-grade students focused on college preparation and students’ critical thinking skills in a condescend school day.

Our engaging classes are designed to challenge students at the honors level while fostering collaborative learning opportunities. With small class sizes, personalized attention is provided to each student, allowing for a more interactive and supportive learning environment. 

High School Program

Capstone Leadership

  • Portrait photo of Frederick Betts

    Frederick Betts

    Head of School

  • Portrait photo of Lucy Pastore

    Lucy Pastore

    Dean of School

Frequently Asked Questions

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