Welcome to Capstone Academy

We are very proud of our unique niche in the Atlanta Independent School Market.  We cater to students in 5th -12th grades excelling and inspired by a passion beyond school. Be it in athletics, performing arts, technology, etc. our diverse mix of students seek a path to help balance their academics, their area of passion, family, and of course, friends.

Capstone Academy offers just such an opportunity for a more balanced adolescent life. Capstone Academy encourages all its students to become lifelong learners by instilling academic curiosity, respect for others, and accountability to core values.

In 2007 our school’s founder was concerned by a lack of educational options for students pursuing passions at the elite level that conflicted with traditional school schedules. She set out to create a school that could accommodate these students’ demanding schedules without compromising academic excellence.

After researching educational options, and unable to find a place to serve students who required flexibility while receiving a superior education, she decided to create such a place. This unique school with an innovative learning environment quickly established itself as a well-respected educational institution. The school continued to flourish and grew to the point of opening a second campus in Atlanta in 2016, that campus has become what is today, Capstone Academy, nestled in the heart of the N. Druid Hills/Brookhaven community of metro Atlanta.

We encourage you to explore our website, but more importantly, visit our campus to discover the welcoming, vibrant, encouraging, and balanced environment we call Capstone.

From our unique condensed school day schedule, to our rigorous academics, to our tight knit community with small class sizes and supportive faculty, Capstone Academy is the way school should be.

Capstone Academy provides opportunities to pursue individual gifts and talents as students develop into confident, independent thinkers, facing the future with personal success. Experience balance between being children and excelling in both academics and their chosen passions. Families replace hectic schedules with quality time together. Be a community of students who come together with like-minded goals to serve others while establishing lifelong friendships through mutual respect and kindness.

All graduates of this school will be equipped with the integrity and confidence to be true to their own selves, and the passion and knowledge to impact their world in a positive way.

And isn’t that what Success really means?