In 2007 our school’s founder was concerned by a lack of educational options for students pursuing passions at the elite level that conflicted with traditional school schedules.

She set out to create a school that could accommodate these students’ demanding schedules without compromising academic excellence.

After researching educational options, and unable to find a place to serve students who required flexibility while receiving a superior education, she decided to create such a place. This unique school with an innovative learning environment quickly established itself as a well-respected educational institution. The school continued to flourish, and grew to the point of opening a second campus in Atlanta in 2016.

With two thriving and successful campuses, our founder opted to transfer ownership of the Alpharetta campus to its leadership team. She is devoted to the continued growth and expansion of the Atlanta school.

Capstone Academy Today

Capstone has continued to promote excellence in teaching and learning in an inclusive environment, promoting the growth of each individual, 5th through 12th grade. 

The Capstone campus in the North Druid Hills offers a “home away from home” atmosphere while promoting excellence in teaching and learning for the or aspiring young performers and athletes. Our curriculum is delivered at the honors level and above, using superior content and proven modes of delivery.  We meet three days per week with an optional half day. Students also have the option for a full day Tuesday through Thursday. 

We extend a warm invitation for you to become a part of the esteemed Capstone Family. Should you desire to delve deeper into our exceptional program and interact with our exceptional student community, we cordially invite you to join us for an enlightening campus tour. Furthermore, if you wish for your child to experience a day as a shadow student, we encourage you to get in touch with us.