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Capstone Academy

Teachers & Administration

The faculty and staff of Capstone are highly trained professionals who are dedicated to educating and equipping their students for future success.

They are passionate about the subjects they teach, but also invested in making sure each student has time to live a complete life, with interests and pursuits beyond academics.

  • Portrait photo of Troy White

    Troy White

    Science and AP Biology Teacher

    B.S., Marine Biology,
    Jacksonville State University

  • Portrait photo of Hika Anani

    Hika Anani

    Language Arts and AP English and Composition Teacher

    B.A., English Literature – Creative Writing,
    Agnes Scott College

  • Portrait photo of Sydney Webster

    Sydney Webster

    Science Teacher

    B.S., Biology,
    Kennesaw State University

  • Portrait photo of Kari Young

    Kari Young

    Language Arts Teacher

    B.A., English & Spanish,
    Hillsdale College

  • Portrait photo of Leif Patterson

    Leif Patterson

    Social Studies Teacher

    B.A., Political Science, Minor International Relations,
    Eckerd College

  • Portrait photo of Cherry Payne

    Cherry Payne

    Social Studies Teacher

    B.S., Elementary Education,
    Georgia Southern University

  • Portrait photo of Alix Luce

    Alix Luce

    Social Studies and AP US History Teacher

    B.A., International Studies and Economics,
    Colby College
    University of Georgia

  • Portrait photo of Kelliann Mateker

    Kelliann Mateker

    Science, Math, and AP Calculus Teacher

    B.S., Mathematics,
    Tulane University

  • Portrait photo of Mary-Alice Grant

    Mary-Alice Grant

    Spanish Teacher

    B.A., Art History/Minor in French

  • Portrait photo of Emma Mrozek

    Emma Mrozek

    Science Teacher

    B.S., Education,
    University of Georgia

  • Portrait photo of Jorge Urdaneta

    Jorge Urdaneta

    Spanish Teacher

    B.A., Education,
    Simon Rodriguez National University

  • Portrait photo of Danielle Snowdy

    Danielle Snowdy

    5th Grade Teacher

    B.S.W., Social Work,
    University of Georgia

    M.S.W., Masters of Social Work

    Georgia State University


  • Portrait photo of Will Aubry

    Will Aubry

    Math Teacher

    B.A., Psychology,
    West Virginia Wesleyan College
    Mansfield University